In the West Sussex Gazette December 29th 1910 edition page 5, the Chichester & Bognor League are listed as being made up of the following teams:

Chichester & Bognor League 1910-1911 Season:
Felpham, Chichester Reserves, Selsey, North Bersted, Littlehampton Silverdale, Bognor II, Bosham, Midhurst and Eastergate.

It appears the previous seasons league had now been combined into one league.

Also this season the senior West Sussex League had now expanded and had split into Sections Eastern and Western.

In the West Sussex Gazette October 27th 1910 edition page 3 the West Sussex League Western Section are listed as being made up of the following teams:

The West Sussex League Western Section 1910-1911 Season:
Bognor, Chichester II, Wick II, 35th Reg + Dis, Arundel, Petworth, Pulborough, Amberley and Littlehampton II.

Up to this point apart from the photo of the Lavant football team dated Boxing day 1910 highlighted at the beginning of this Chapter, there was still no written evidence in the local papers that Lavant had a football team in 1910.  Then finally in two editions of the Chichester Observer in November 1910 there were two match reports of friendly games played by Lavant.

Firstly in the Chichester Observer November 23rd 1910 edition page 6 there is a match report of a friendly between Chichester III vs Lavant.




Chichester III v Lavant

This “friendly” was played in the Priory Park on Saturday, and resulted in an easy win for the “3rds” by five clear goals.  In the first half Lavant managed to prevent the homesters from scoring, although the City forwards missed many chances.  After the interval the visitors rarely got over the half-way line.  Jones netted thrice for the homesters and Goldie twice, and if the forwards had shot oftener instead of hesitating the score would have been heavier.  Woodman, in the Lavant goal, was in tip-top form, bringing off some fine clearances.  He had no chance with any of the goals scored.  The only other Lavant player worthy of mention is Locke, who shone in the forward line, was a thorough trier throughout the game.  For the homesters, Buss played a great game at back, Bennett (a new recruit) was the best of the halves, and in the forward line Jones was very clever, but should shoot oftener.  Knight (another new forward) should be of service to the team in the near future.  

The league table was also published for the Chichester & District League 1910-1911 season, which had now expanded to nine teams and consisted of North Bersted, Felpham, Eastergate, Chichester III, Bognor II, Selsey, Eastergate, Littlehampton Silverdale and Bosham.

The league was made up of a mixture of teams from the previous seasons senior and junior divisions so it seems to suggest that during this season the league had amalgamated into one division.   Again demonstrating how fluid the local league structure was during the early 1900’s.

In the West Sussex Gazette March 23rd 1911 edition page 3 the Chichester & Bognor League and Midhurst & District League tables were published:

Chichester & District League 1910-1911 season 










16 12 2 2 46 13 26

Chichester III

15 11 4 0 46 30 22


15 10 4 1 35 13 21

Littlehampton Silverdale

16 8 6 2 34 33 18


16 6 9 1 42 46 13


15 8 7 0 43 33 12

North Bersted

16 4 8 3 20 44 11

Bognor II

14 2 10 2 16 44 6


14 1 12 1 8 32 3


Midhurst & District League 1910-1911 season 










12 10 2 0 43 11 20


11 7 2 2 24 11 16


12 7 4 1 31 11 15


11 6 5 0 16 28 12


12 3 8 1 12 51 7


12 2 9 1 16 15 5

Midhurst Wed

12 3 8 1 10 25 5 

In the Chichester Observer November 30th 1910 edition page 6 there is a match report of a friendly between Lavant vs Boxgrove.




Lavant v Boxgrove 

On Saturday the “Canaries” paid a visit to Lavant and suffered their first defeat this season by one goal to nil.  The score at half time was a blank, but should have been 1-0 in favour of the “Canaries” for a clinking shot by McAthy, the centre forward, hit the underside of the crossbar, and from the rebound, went fully two feet inside the top of the net, and from here the goalie punched out.  But the referee disallowed a goal.  Even the goalie was satisfied it was a goal.  After this the game became rather rough on both sides, and just after the interval Lavant scored the winning goal.  

Players names such as Locke and Woodman are mentioned in these match reports and they are familiar names of families who have had a very long association with the village right through to the modern day.

Also significantly in the first report the friendly is against Chichester III who were playing in the Junior Division of the Chichester & District League.  Therefore it can be assumed that the 1910-1911 season the village football team had been formed and that they were actively playing regularly, but only friendlies at this stage with other local established teams.

It seems that following this season the club then officially entered a team in the local junior league as highlighted in the Chichester Observer April 24th 1912 edition page 6 where the Chichester & District League tables were published and Lavant were now part of this league.