The members of the Committee consisted of:

Chairman                                              Mr L.Taylor
Vice Chairman                                      Mr W.Miles
Hon Secretary                                      Mr H.A.Bleach
Assitant Hon Secretary                         Mr P.Barden
Hon Treasurer                                      Mrs E.Balchin
Members                                               Mr H.Proudley, Mr J.Millier, Mr A.Hathaway, Mr S.Gilbey, Mr S.Gilbey, Mr C.Wiltshire, Mr E.Squires.
Captain                                                 Mr H.Proudley
Vice Captain                                          Mr C.Wiltshire
Patron                                                   R.E.Coltterill Woods Esq
President                                               Canon S.Blackwell
Vice President                                       En Bloc
Goundsman                                           Hon Secretary was asked to approach P.Jones failing this the committee to appoint someone.

Lavant Chichester & District League Team 1954-55


The team consisted of:
(left hand side back row) Wilf Miles, Ray Hill, Ted Rogers, George Leggatt, Harold Proudley, Mick Gaffney, Gerry Goff
(left hand side front row) Colin Proudley, Johnny Castle, Alan Hathaway, Bill Alner, Tony Bleach.

Lavant Bognor League Team 1954-55


The team consisted of:
(left hand side back row) ?, Jim Carpenter, Ted Squires, Arthur Lutman, Ted Rogers, Stan Mason.
(left hand side front row) Jack James, ?, Ray Hill, Bazil Balchin, Ronnie Squires.