Lavant Team Photo 6 th April 1957
Taken at Raughmere Park, Lavant facing the main road before the game against Chichester United.


The team consisted of:
(left hand side back row) Wilf Miles, Brian Proudley, Ken Duke, Les Collyer, George Leggett, Alan Price, Sid Callow, Jack Collyer.
(left hand side front row) Dave Collyer, Eric Dean, Tony Bleach, Colin Proudley, Alan Janman.

22nd April 1957 Lavant win the Chichester Charity Cup Winners at Chichester City Football Club beating Boxgrove 3-1.  Dave Collyer scoring two goals and one own goal.

footie 2

Lavant players Dave Collyer, Brian Proudley, Collin Proudley, Eric Dean, Ken Duke, Ray Hill (aloft), Les Collyer, George Leggett, TonyBleach, Sid Callow and Alan Jenman parading the Chichester Charity Cup trophy in 1956/1957 at Chichester City Football Club.

The following team was selected to play Boxgrove:
C.Proudley        L.Collyer
A.Bleach           R.Hill    A.Janman
B.Proudley        E.Dean              K.Duke              D.Collyer          S.Callow

Result:              Boxgrove 1        Lavant 3
Goal Scorers:   D.Collyer (two), own goal.