For the Centenary Season we are looking to replace the football kits and we have with the help of Adam scoured all the park kit manufacturers to come up with a kit matching Lavant’s colours.

The kit selected is made by Italian manufacturers Errea, which current is the same make as the Sunday side, but a differant style.

Because it is the Centenary and as the club on occasions in the past (see the history section 1960’s and 1970’s) played in an all yellow kit, it has been suggested we play in an all yellow kit next season to mark 100 year’s of our village football team and then the following season revert back to Lavant’s yellow and blue standard colours.


Proposed next Seasons Kit – Centenary Season 2010 – 2011  


Proposed Kit – Season 2011 – 2012

Please let us know your comments on the forum.

Regarding the kits we are currently looking for sponsors and have had already some positive reponses, however if anyone knows of any Company interested in sponsoring a kit or other training tops etc, especially as it is our Centenary Season please let us know.

Every penny helps. Also to mark the Centenary Season we will be introducing a revised club badge which will be embroidered onto the kits.

This badge design will be unveiled shortly. Keep It Yellow, will soon have a whole new meaning.