Rumour is that starting this season the fine for a booking is increasing from £8 to £15. This will also mean that the fines for a sending-off and collecting 5 bookings are likely to also increase ££££.

Last season all three teams paid out a total of £457 in fines. Which was up £171 in fines from the previous season.
We all need to try and ensure the trend deceases this season especially as it is really going to hit the pockets of the players that are booked or sent-off.

So here are a few simple tips to ensure you have minimal damage limitation during a match with the Referee:
1. Get the Referee on your side before the match. Chat to the Ref and get a rapport going. Surprizing how well this can work in yours and the teams favour during the game.
2. Listen to what the Referee has to say before Kick-off. His talk to you may indicate the areas where he will not tollerate any mis-conduct. For example swearing, dissent, two footed tackling etc. Abide by these requests.
3. During the game DO NOT argue with the Referee. By all means have a positive discussion, but do not take it to far and argue. He may book you for dissent there and then or it may go against you later on in the game when another incident arises.
4. Play the game fairly. Tackle playing the ball first, no two footed tackles
off the ground, keep your arms down in the box, etc.
5. If none of the above works. Firstly say SORRY.
Then try kneeling on the ground and begging for leniency and forgiveness.
If this fails then perhaps try faking an injury, time is running out.
6. If you get to stage six, accept what is coming. A hefty fine.
7. The following week pay the Treasurer your fine in full.