Fishbourne 2 Lavant 0

Finally Lavant had a fixture after a long two week break and it just happened to be a local derby away to Fishbourne.

The first half was a well contested 45 minutes with both sides trying to play football on a very good pitch. In the end the only difference between the two teams was a penalty awarded against captain Charles Selby, which Fishbourne dispatched, to take a 1-0 lead going into half time.

The second half was again evenly contested with both sides having chances to score, but it was Fishbourne that broke the deadlock scoring from a long range shot, which perhaps goalkeeper on another day would have punched over the bar, 2-0.

With 20 minutes remaining Lavant could still get something out of this game, but again with both team’s so evenly matched neither side were able to capitalise any further and Fishbourne were able to see out the remainder of the game, claiming bragging rights from the local derby.

It is back to the drawing board for Lavant as they need to put this below par performance behind them and prepare for the next game at home to the Unicorn.

Lavant’s first home game of the season back a Lavant at the new Raughmere Park pitch and using the newly refurbished village hall changing rooms.

Lavant’s MoM Jake O’Brennan.

Luke Terry, Charles Griggs, Danny Hillyer, Charles Selby (c), Jake O’Brennan, James Sandford, Aaron Hancock, Harrison Mitchell, Josh Castle, Zac Moy, Mike Rogerson. Subs: John Price, Matt Dacombe,
Adam Yaxley, Billy Pope, James Callnon.