The end of Season Do was held at the Earl of March on the 5th May with 51 people attending.

It proved to be a great night and we would like to thank the new Landlords Cliff and Julie and their staff for all their efforts in ensuring the evening went really well.  The food was excellent .

This was the first time for many a season that Lavant Football Club had a presentaion night which included both the Saturdays and the Sunday sides together, as well as the added bonus of being able to hold the Do within the village at the Earl of March Pub.

Also a special thanks also to Paul Jones and Steve Massey who presented the awards as follows:

Saturday Teams:

Top Goal Scorer:

1st Team – Stuart Loversidge
Reserves – Carl Drinkwater

Man of the Match Award:

1st Team – Martin Ayers
Reserves – Dave Maclean & Simon Blackman

Players Player:

1st Team – Robbie Pinder
Reserves – Dan Johnson


1st Team – Mark Richardson
Reserves – Matt Gliaubertas

Miss of the Season:

1st Team – Robbie Pinder
Reserves – Adam Yaxley

Managers Player:

1st Team – Tom Parker
Reserves – Chris Bowles

Most Improved Player:

Ollie Haggar

Goal of the Season:

Matt Hine

Sunday Reserve Team:

Players Player: Ollie Haggar
Clubman: Chris Withall
Top Goal Scorer: Adam Yaxley
Managers Player: Chris Bowles
Tom Sanctuary Shield: Ollie Haggar

Lavant FC “Above and Beyond” Awards:

Torvil and Dean sponsored “Bambi on Ice” award – Andy Strange.
Fred Flintstone sponsored “Learner bowler” award  – Nick”The Hobbit”Farrer.
Emile Heskey sponsored “Most misses in one game/couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo” award -Adam Yaxley.
The Clinic sponsored “That’s gotta make your eyes water” award -David”banjo”Brown!
WAGS Boutique sponsored “Blonde moment” award  – Sarah Johnson.
TOM-TOM sponsored “route-finder” award – Oli”follow me!”Hagger
BUPA sponsored picture of Health & Fitness award – Stuart”the Hernia”Eastwood.
UNITED NATIONS sponsored Diplomacy award – Ben”you’re crap ref” Thomas.
VOGUE/BOWLSIE sponsored cosmetic surgery award – Wayne”nose-job”Gavin.
Glenfiddich sponsored “give me strength” award – David”the optimist”Parker. The David Attenborough sponsored “Pest Control” award – Geoff Cresswell
The Al Capone sponsored “worst Valentines present” award – Helen “stitch that!” Pullen.
The Trinny & Suzanna sponsored “What NOT to wear” award  – Dave” dressed-in-the-dark” Kent.
The Flymo sponsored “Bush trimmers” award – Matt”stelious”Gib’.
Kleenex sponsored W of the week award (Clear winner) – Rizla.