This year’s end of Season Presentation Night was again held at the Earl of March on the Friday the 11th June with 58 people attending.

Although slightly later in this year’s calendar it was still very well supported and turned out as usual to be a great night.

We would like to thank Giles & Ruth and their team at the Earl of March for all their efforts in ensuring the evening went really well.

Also we would like to thank Daryl, Tom and Spider for their help before and during the presentation night.

Together everyone made the evening a great success and this year we only had one trophy breakage and that was Yax right at the end of the evening when he was leaving the pub. Apparnetly he has blamed Dave Kent according to Stuart eastwood.

The Winners of this season’s awards were as follows:

Saturday Teams:

Top Goal Scorer:
1st Team – Alan Sheppard
Reserves – Adam Yaxley

Man of the Match Award:
1st Team – Mike Neville
Reserves – Shaun Massey

Players Player:
1st Team – Chris Coe
Reserves – Dave Maclean

1st Team – Martin Pullen
Reserves – Mel Milburn

Miss of the Season:
1st Team – Tom Sheppard
Reserves – Adam Yaxley

Managers Player:
1st Team – Chris Coe
Reserves – Dave Maclean

Managers Award:
Ryan Seacombe

Sunday Team:

Top Goal Scorer:
Alan Sheppard

Players Player:
Mark Richardson

Stuart Eastwood

Managers Player:
Adam Yaxley

Tom Sanctuary Shield:
Alan Sheppard