As a result of Sussex Junior Cup rescheduling the last two weeks of November has seen both sides without a fixture for the 23rd November and the Reserves now with a home fixture on the 30th November to play AFC Acorns from Crawley in the Sussex Junior Cup.

After two failed bids to play the Sussex Junior Cup fixture away to AFC Acorns in the month, this fixture takes priority over West Sussex League fixtures and on the third occasion reverts to the away’s team’s home ground.
Raughmere Park.

The fixture was planned initially for the 23rd of November so the previous fixtures were cancelled, then only to find from Sussex FA that in fact the fixture would actually be played the following weekend.

The result is no football on the 23rd for either team and the Sussex Junior Cup fixture reverts to the Reserves playing at home on the 30th November.

But guess should also add weather permitting as November’s fixtures have been effected by the heavy rainfall in month.