LFCvsFishbourne210309Jason Houghton on the ball

Jason on the ball in last season’s game at home to Fishbourne

During Saturday’s game Jason Houghton after only being on the pitch for a few minutes sustained a bad injury and had to be carried off, after a tackle with Partridge Green player. Doctor Matt Price (who incidentally replaced Jason) supsected ligament damage and a badly sprained ankle. This was later confirmed in hospital.

Since then Jason has been home recouperating with the help of his lovely girlfriend Sam, but still complaining of pains in his leg. After further persistence the hospital re-examined the x-rays and whilst he was out on his bike he had a call to confirm infact he had actually broken his fibula.
Since then his leg has been put in plaster up to his knee.

With this type of injury Jason is likely to be out for quite a few weeks and will therefore miss at least the first half of this season. This is a great loss to Lavant and espeically the first team, as he had established himself as one of our key players after only one season with the club.

We all send him our kind regards and wish him a speedy recovery.