Over the past few weeks lengthy discussions have been on-going regarding entering an under 18 team in the Arun & Chichester Youth Football League next season.

Our application has now been submitted to the league and we are now waiting to hear if we have been accepted for the start of the 2010-2011 Season.

It is a great opportunity for the Football Club for three good reasons.

Firstly the club are fielding a team in the U18 age bracket, which is a critical age when lots of youth players who have been playing from an early age tend to give up playing football.  It is our intention to try an encourage these youngsters to carry-on with the beautiful game with Lavant Youth.

Secondly we intend to also offer these youth players an opportunity to move across and play for the mens teams, of which we have two on Saturday’s.
This will then promote the integration from youth to mens football by staying with one club.

This will also will benefit the Saturday sides who will have potentially an even greater pool of players to select from. The Third reason is that running a youth team especially this season is very significant as it is our Centenary Season.  100 years this season the village of Lavant have ran an official football team.

To our knowledge we have only ever had two other Lavant youth teams (please let us know if this is wrong), which ran for very short periods.  Lavant Minors in the 1970’s and Lavant Lion’s in the 1990’s.

The management team for Lavant Youth will be Rick McKenna and Karl Gaffney who last year ran the Chichester Colts U16 B Team.

We would like to welcome them both to the club and wish them well with their team next season.

The youth will be playing their home games at Lavant’s Raughmere Park on Sunday’s am or pm dependant on the men’s Sunday Side Fixtures. If you are interested in joining the youth team then please let us know by contacting Karl on 01243 513950 or Rick on 07861748686 or via e-mail onlavantyouth2010@yahoo.com

Finally, as this is a new team they are starting from scratch and they would gladly welcome any offers of support or sponsorship to get them up and running.

If you feel you would like to help or know of someone who would be interested in supporting the promotion of local youth football, please let us know.