We had a good turn out last Saturday as the players kicked off the start of the new season, after the match against Newtown Villa with a few beers around Chichester starting at the Hole in the Wall.

In total we had 13 out on the town. Not bad for the first event seeing as the date clashed unfortuatley with Lavant Sunday’s player Lewis Minett’s wedding and the Reserves never had a game.

Thanks to James, Matt and Jon for the orgainising the night out.

There was certainly a Uni slant on the night as far as were the match analysis, voting and drink forfeits were concerned. Thanks Matt, Matt, Ben and Mike for that. Forfeits fell to James, Wes and Dave Kent (unfair).

Also Club fines were discuss briefly early on in the evening but not sure we actually got as far as agreeing what the fines will be for and who’s collecting them?

The idea is that the fines will be collected during the season and put to good use at the latter part of the season for a night out.

Watch the News Section for the date of our next night out, as well looking out for a text.

We want to double the turn out next time to at least 20+

All Lavant FC players and members of the club are welcome to attend