Lavant Sunday’s player Mark Richardson is getting together a group of Lavant players for the Puma Hell Runner event on Sunday the 28th November with the aim to raise as much money as possible for the
CTH Childrens Hospice.

Here is a message from Mark:

First of all THANK YOU for getting involved in the Puma Hell Runner event to raise money for CTH Childrens Hospice! I’ve set up this group to keep you all up to date with what is happening and when etc. RACE

We have 16 runners entered into the race so far which is fantastic i’m looking to get 15 in total.

1- Gary Richardson
2- Chris Bowles
3- Paul Cooper
4- Oliver Haggar
5- Alan Sheppard
6- Max Huth
7- Kev Fogden
8- Lewis Minnet
9- Alex Pavely
10- Adam Yaxley
11- Chris Withall
12- Stuart Eastwood
13- Mark Richardson
14- Tom Sheppard
15- Richard Clark-Lyons
16- Liam Cooke

TARGET £3000- I know it’s a big target but why not! To enter the race simply click on the Hell Runner page and enter the hell down south race Sunday 28th November. Enter the following information:

Non affiliated it will then ask you for a team name- Lavant Legends.
Time 3:00 Hours
Wave 2
That way we will all start together.

Donation Page

Ok so I’m getting sponsor forms from CTH and will hand them out early September to give everyone 2 months to raise as much sponsorship as possible.

I’m setting everyone the target of raising £100 but think you could all do better than that ask everyone friends, family, colleagues, clients etc it all adds up (prize for top fundraiser!).

Secondly I will set up a team Justgiving page so people can donate online and we will have a running total of money raised! I’ve also got a collection day booked outside Sainsbury’s the day before the race sat 27th of November. CTH are giving us banners collection buckets and T-shirts.

I’m trying to get the girls involved in this ideally 4 people all day collecting (4 in the morning 9-13 4 in the afternoon 13-17) and one person in some sort of fancy dress outfit!

Signed up so far-
1- Danielle Jones (all day)
2- Sarah Johnson
3- Jo Coleman
4- Masie Saunders (pm)
5- Rosie Robinson??
6- Kelsey Deans- Fancy Dress Looking for a few more Lovely Ladies let me know if you know anyone.
Also someone for the fancy dress outfit?? VISIT to CTH

I also want some of you guys to see what we are raising money for to hopefully inspire you to raise extra money!!
I’ve got to possible dates Monday 20th September it will be after 2pm I know this is an awkward time but is definately worth it, I maybe able to make it later in the afternoon if that is easier.
Please let me know if you would like to visit CTH and what day/time would be best.

I’m trying to get the Chichester Observer involved to do a piece on the whole event so will want everyone involved to put on your CTH T-shirt on for a photo.

As most of you are playing sundays next season i will try and get them there on a home game but will give you plenty of notice.

After the race I think it would be brilliant to sign off with a celebration meal/ beers maybe all come back get showered then go for a Chinese, Indian, Pizza or pub meal and a quick presentation.
Top Fundraiser.
Quickest Time.
And maybe a few more!

That’s it for now all you need to do is let me know what size T-shirt you want and get out there training! 🙂
(girls please remember the collection date is late november so your probably gonna need layers underneath!)

I Love You All!!