February 1964
Team:F.May (Linesman), D.Hunt, G.Creswell, A.Bradfield, R.Lamb, L.West, J.Bingham and kneeling M.Gammon, T Eade, P.Bacon, (Capt), B.Harris and R.Leeming 


November 2006
Team: R.Gibbs, M.Howes, M.Carver, D.Johnson (Capt), C.Bowles, D.Hall, D.Woods, M.Kent, S.Watling, G.Creswell and kneeling M.Gliaubertas, C.Drinkwater, O.Haggar, M.Martin, A.Yaxley and D.Kent

This Saturday marked the return of Lavant Reserves playing football in the village on the top pitch known as Raughmere Park.

Lavant Football Club have used Raughmere Park located at the top of Pook Lane since 1955 when the land owners, local farmers the Lock family kindly allowed football to be played there in an attempt to reduce the recreational use on the village green.

The ground has not been used by the football club for at least the last 6 years, but with Lavant starting a reserve team this season it became a goal of the club to try and refurbish the disused pitch and ensure that both teams played football within the boundaries of the village.  Thanks once again, to the Lock family, the support of the Lavant Parish Council, particularly Councilor Graham Kelly and volunteers from the football club, this weekend saw all the many months of hard work pay off when Lavant Reserves hosted Stedham Reserves in a West Sussex League Division V South league game in a hard fought game which saw Stedham winning 0-2.

Since the early summer many hours of work have been spent cutting, rolling and repairing the pitch and team sponsors Millstone Landscapes have kindly provided equipment and help (thanks Matt and Chris) to transform the field into a football pitch once more. Additionally Lavant’s groundsman Geoff Creswell should receive a special mention for his efforts in achieving the football clubs goal.  Geoff has played for the village football team in the past, in fact for Lavant Reserves in 1964, who were playing at Raughmere Park in the West Sussex League Division V.  He is still very much part of the village football club performing a crucial role, which does not always get the acknowledgement it deserves.

The above photos shows Geoff’s team which was published in the Observer on the 21st February 1964 and the reserve team today standing in exactly the same spot some 42 years later proudly keeping the tradition of the village football team alive and thriving.

If you are interested in joining the club as a player or would be able to help out with running Lavant Football Club please visit our website at for information.