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Chapel 2 Lavant Reserves 5

Lee Smith returns from a three match ban to score three first half goals ! Although the game was far from pleasing to the manager Martin Pullen as Chapel led twice as Lavant struggled to gel as a team.

Chapel made their home advantage count as Lavant took an age to settle into the match. But at half time Lavant were just holding onto a narrow lead by two goals to three but and the issues had to be addressed at half time.

Stand-in centre back Martin Smith showed how tackling should be executed and Lee Smith goals had given hope for the second half.

Alex Holmes replaced a slightly injured Lee smith and Lavant contained the home side better in the second half. And goals from Leon Mears and Greg Ayling snuffed out any hopes of a Chapel come back.

Teamwork and discipline were the key words not adhered to ! We can do better and we will do better.

Man of the Match: Lee Smith

Next week Lavant Reserves are at home to Tangmere at Raughmere Park in their last league game this season.

Team: Rob Baylis, Craig Spann, Matt Grace, Adam Yaxley, Martin Smith, Neale Watts, Leon Mears, Greg Ayling, Don Pollack, Pete Caveney, Lee Smith. Subs: Alex Holmes