Lodsworth (in yellow) attacking the Lavant goal. With Chris Bowles in goal, Dan Johnson and Oli Haggar, plus jon Strange on the edge of the box. Carl Drinkwater looks on

This truly was a match of two halves.  Lavant did not turn up for the first half and were a goal down after 4 minutes.  The visitors had an innocuous throw in and Lodsworth striker Paul Caldwell stood 12 yards behind the home-sides back four and simply received the ball with only the goalkeeper to beat.

The visitors second goal was well worked around the Lavant penalty area before Tom Brown fired a low drive into the bottom corner on 22 minutes.

With Matt Price, Dave McClean and Michael Keane standing out for Lavant, the rest of the half faded away with the only danger to the visitors being a Keane shot which hit the bar on 24 minutes.

Whatever Dave Kent, the manager said to Lavant at half time did the trick.  They came out fighting from the off, pushing up into the visitors half and using the flanks where Lodsworth were vulnerable.

Lodsworth keeper John Geddis was superb at collecting several of Lavant’s deep crosses from the flank but even he couldn’t do anything about Keane’s deep cross from the right which Matt Price headed home on 74 minutes.  Minutes later Keane again supplied the hardworking DJ Wright with a similar cross which the 16 year old scrambled past Geddis to put them level with the visitors.

With Johnson and Smith spearheading a solid back four and Mike Howles dominating the right it looked as if Lavant would go on to win the game.  Credit to Lodsworth for making a late 10 minute thrust which was matched by Lavant’s grit.  This Div 5 match was a joy to watch and if Lavant play for the whole game as they did in the last half, they will climb up this league.