Both sides were equally matched for the first 45 mins and each produced only one chance.

Lavant’s, Mike Neville, saw his free-kick punched from the top corner by the very able, Ash Rochester on 17 mins; whilst Richard Larte’s dubious offside chance was buried by him 10 mins from half-time.

The homeside’s ‘keeper, Chris Bowles, had suffered a serious injury in the 30thmin and admitted it limited his performance in the second half. Hospitals capitalised on this hesitancy and confusion as Lavant gifted two soft goals to Hugh Helden on 58 & 62 mins.

Lavant threw fate to the wind, playing two at the back and threw men forward, but the gamble failed as Hospitals increased their lead on 70 mins and Marriot scored their fifth 8 mins from time to lift the visitors to 4th in the league.

Team: C.Bowles, L.Hayward, T.Parker, D.Hall, O.Haggar, B.Thomas, D.Kennard, J.Walsh, M.Ayers, M.Neville, M.Court. Subs: R.Lines, C.Swain, A.Yaxley.