The form book dictated that Villa should win this tie, especially as the Premiership side had come fresh from a 4-1 league win. But as the only team outside the Premiership left in the competition, Lavant held the Bognor side at bay for half an hour.

It was then that Greenfield placed a long excellent ball in the channel at the edge of the homeside’s box to allow Jonas Templeman to put the visitors ahead on 28 mins.

Lavant responded with vigour and penned Villa in their penalty area with a salvo of crosses and shots. Then came one of those episodes that prove turning points in a game. The Chichester side could not scramble the ball home and there was even an appeal for a penalty for hand ball. Villa survived and breaking quickly went staight up the Lavant end to scored through Mark Cooper on 32 mins. The visitors added a third just on half-time, again through Templeman.

Lavant hopes were raised after the restart when Tom Parker headed home a Neville corner, 3 mins into the second half. Chasing the game left the Chichester side exposed and Templeman deservedly completed his hat-trick for Villa  on 51 mins.Cooper added a fifth in the 79 minute and Lavant ended the last 10 mins of the game with their best football of the tie.

Lavant captain, Ben Thomas, summed up the game, ” Villa are an excellent team and deseved to go on to the Final. But we have to put our performance in perspective. We battled hard and must reproduce this in our remaining league games.”

Team: C.Bowles, D.Hall, M.Court, L.Hayward, M.Neville, J.Walsh, M.Ayers, B.Thomas, O.Haggar, T.Parker, R.Lines. Subs: C.Swain, S.Blackman, M.Price.