Lavant 4 Hunston CC 4

An overconfident switched-off second half spell by Lavant lost them the 3 points they could have collected from this Div One match.

Alan Sheppard lines on for the free kick LFC vs Hunston 311009_4

Alan Sheppard and Dave Kennard (far) surrounded by the Hunston defence

Hunston went ahead with their first attack of the game when Ross Fraser’s wonderful strike soared into the top corner of the net only 2 minutes into the game. From then on Lavant dominated the game to give striker Alan Sheppard his hat-trick with goals on 22, 24 and 36 minutes.

Tom Parker aerial battle in midfield LFC vs Hunston 311009

Tom Parker wins the aerial battle

Then at the restart came the quarter hour of absenteeism that let Hunston back in the match. With breakaway goals by Ian Newham on 51minutes and Shaun Jenkins 61 on minutes, belief now returned to the visitors.

Matt Price again LFC vs Hunston 311009

Matt Price on the ball

Lavant raised their game, it looked like the match was heading for a draw. Then a clash between Lavant keeper, Chris Bowles, and the Hunston striker allowed substitute Olly Young to put the Manhood side 4-3 ahead with only 5 minutes remaining.

Mike Nevilee having a chat with the ref LFC vs Hunston 311009_3

Skipper Mike Neville has a close chat with the referee.

Lavant were then reduced to 10 men as the incensed Ben Thomas received a straight red card for continually arguing with the referee over his decision not to award a free-kick for an infringement on the goalkeeper, which led to Hunston’s fourth goal.

With only minutes remaining on the clock, keeper Bowles ran into the opponent’s penalty area for a Lavant corner, topping the cross on with his head for substitute, Shaun Massey, to head the deserved equaliser at the far post with 60 seconds left on the clock.

Team: C.Bowles, T.Shepppard, B.Thomas, M.Court, D.Hall, M.Neville(C), T.Parker, D.Kennard, J.Perry, D.Knight, A.Sheppard. Subs: M.Price, M.Hine, S.Massey.

Saturday’s Results

31st October

Division 1:
Henfield 2, Watersfield 0
Lavant 4, Hunston CC 4
Partridge Green 2, Ashington Rovers 6
West Chiltington 4, Fishbourne 0
Wittering Utd 0, Faygate Utd 5.

Division 4 South:
Ambassadors 2, Highdown Hornets 2
Fishbourne II 2, Selsey FC A 2
Tangmere 4, Coal Exchange 4
Yapton II 7, Milland 1.