The West Sussex league has let clubs know there is a real shortage of Referee’s for this season:

The situation with Referees is verging on desperate this season. As it stands at the moment only about half of the games will have an appointed Referee. Paul Barratt will obviously do all he can to find Referees but as you are all aware the responsibility for finding a Referee will fall back on the Home club. At all levels Clubs will need to find a ‘Referee’ sometimes at short notice. If there is sufficient interest and you can find Volunteers we are able to organise some training.

It will be difficult but hopefully things will improve.

So even more importantly this season is every club needs to operate the full FA Respect Code of Practice this season.

Lavant management team will working hard to ensure we work and keep to the code of practice.  We don’t want any more referee’s dropping out due to abuse during match’s.

Without a referee it makes it hard to play a game of football