Our next social is going to be on Saturday 5th October, meeting at 19:30 at Chi Gate for ten pin bowling.

Few things:
· £1 fine for everybody that turns up after 19:30 (Tag’s watch is final – no arguments!!)
· Dress code: Your best bowling shirt – it must be a shirt with some form or collar
· You need to either text or email me your interest so I can book the relevant amount of lanes by Sunday 15th September.
· We will be having 2 games and it will cost around £10 each (you pay on the night to the bowling lanes)
· This will be the first points going towards the “Lavant All Round SuperSTAR” award
· Your best score over the 2 games will be taken
· After bowling, I’m sure many of us will be going out on the town so you are more than welcome to join us

We normally get at least 20 of us out for this night and it would be great to beat that number and carry on the banter.  Unless you have a VERY good reason (and I don’t mean you are going to your nan’s birthday), you are expected to be there.

Best of luck at the weekend for those of you that are playing and I will see you all at The Arena at 19:30 on Wednesday for our next training session.  Do not go to Lavant as you will be a loner doing training by yourself!!!