This period of Lavant Football Clubs history is still to be fully researched and catalogued.

However in the mean time please see attached a number of photograghs we have on record relating to the players and teams that played in this decade.

If you have further information on this era of the football club or you know the date and players in these photos please let us know by leaving a message on the forum.

Honours during the 1970’s

1969/1970 Division II League Winners

1969/1970 Chichester Charity Cup Winners

1973/1974 Division IV Charity Cup Winners (Lavant Reserves)

1974/1975 Division I League Winners

1974/1975 Gingell Cup Winners – Midhurst Charity Cup

1974/1975 Division III Charity Cup Winners (Lavant Reserves)

1975/1976 Sussex Junior Cup Winners

1975/1976 Division III Charity Cup Winners (Lavant Reserves)

1976/1977 Sussex Intermediate Cup Runners Up

Copy of Lavant FC 03(April 77 Sx Int Cup Final)

9th April 1977 Lavant picture before the final of the Sussex Intermediate Cup at Horsham’s Queen’s Street Ground. Lavant unfortunately lost the game 4-2 to Burgress Hill Reserves

The team consisted of:
(left hand side back row) Alan Reeves, Dick Massey, Dave Glue,
Tony Edney, Pete Lovegrove, Trevor Worsfold, Steve Lewis.
(left hand side front row) Mick Sands, Richard Sims, Gordon Simpson,
team mascot Mick Andrews son, Mick Andrews, Malcolm Bell, Derek Miles.



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