Lavant coach Mike Kent has come across a programme which is of the Premier Division fixture between Bosham and Lavant some 30 years ago on the 23rd of October 1982.

Mike was actually playing for Lavant’s first team at the age of sixteen, wearing the number 11 shirt and leading the attack, so he kept the progamme as a memento of his early footballing days.

In the Bosham programme there is also section about Lavant titled “News of Today’s Visitors”.

BoshamvsLavantLFC Write-up1982

Also there is a player profile for the Lavant squad.
Mike we all know is still vey much involved with the club, helping out with training and Richard Sims also mentioned, attends and watches Lavant’s game most weeks.

BoshamvsLavantPlayer Profiles1982

Richard Sims: Centre forward. 3 seasons with the club.

Mike Kent: Aged 16. In his first season with Lavant. Previously with Chichester City

The teams line up is listed below and Lavant were noted as playing in all yellow, with Bosham in red, white and red.  The same as it will be at this weekends fixture at Lavant.

BoshamvsLavantTeam Sheet1982

Lavant: 1. D.Bulbeck, 2.  S.Homer, 3. J.Rouse, 4. S.James, 5. K.Duke, 6. B.Massey, 7. T.Worsfield, 8. D.Massey, 9. R.Sims, 10. K.Goff,
11. M.Kent, 12. I Callow, 13. T.Southall

The league table as of the 16th October 1982 saw the now current County League Division 1 leaders East Preston top of the league, having played seven and won seven. Note only two points for a win in those days!

BoshamvsLavantLeague Tables1982

East Preston 14, Rustington 10, Bourne Park 10, Ferring 9, Sun Alliance 8, Sidlesham 8, Petworth 7, Eastergate Utd 6, Southwater 5 , Fernhurst 4, Lavant 3 , Midway 2, Bosham 2, Emsworth 0.

Nine of the fourteen clubs are still in existance, with six in the West Sussex League and three in the Sussex County League.

Both, Lavant (having played 5 and had 3 points) and Bosham (having played 6 and had 2 points) were in the bottom four of the league and needing to put some results together in order to move up the table.  So this game 30 years ago was an important fixture.

Wonder what the score was?

Lets hope this Saturday’s result goes to Lavant, as these two clubs meet once more in the West Sussex Premier league 30 years on.