Bobbie Lavant’s very own Entertainments’ Manager came up with a Short Shorts and Pink Top’s Training Session in our official second to last training session this season on the village green.


From left to right the short shorts and pink top brigade were Ben, Ross, Bobbie, Spider, Jude, Greg, Dave, Ben and Neale.

To help the lads get the latest fad out of their systems Scott then started the trianing session by subjecting them to the Bleep Test.


The bleep test is running a set distance there and back between cones, within a set time and the time gets shorter every level.


Matt, Ben, Tom and Mel have dropped out around level 8 and so watch the remainder continue from the side lines.


Only two remain as we go into level 13, with Ollie (in red) being the eventual winner with Mikey (in blue) finishing runner up.


Everyone takes a well earned break before we get back to the football training.