Following a few days of great effort from a number of people and organisations around the village including the Parish Council, the Lock Family, the Cricket Club, Tony Bleach and Geoff Creswell to name just a few, Raughmere Park is back in business as a football ground.

The clean-up by the Local Council has been completed.  The grass has been cut and the pitch marked out (although we have a wavey line or two still to deal with).  The damaged goal elbow brackets have been removed and are going to be repaired.


Raughmere Park view from north west corner – 9th August

The main gate has now been welded on so future access via this gate will only be achieved by breaking the gate and causing criminal damage. Something the Police can act on striaght away. Finally the second gate is back on its hinges and shortly will be repaired and the fence re-instated.


Raughmere Park view from south west corner – 9th August