After months of working on developing, up -loading data from the old website and finally testing, today we have gone live and launched the updated website.

We hope everyone associated with Lavant FC will find it much more informative as we have now incorporated other media communcation tools such as twitter and link to the LFC facebook.

Much of the make up of the website remains in a similar format, plus tweets now displayed down the right side of the webpage.  Page tabs are also now on the top and bottom of the webpage.

The quality of the photographs on the new website are significantly enhanced and in the Gallery Sections there are many photos which have never been loaded up onto the old website before because it was a very time consuming task to do at the time.  That has now changed.

We can also now upload videos as well. So Neil Sanson’s ice bucket challange will be loaded shortly. Hopefully

Also try out the search tool.  If you are a player, past or present, enter you name and just watch what information appears.

There are some items still to add, updates to do, for example upload new kit range for the Club Shop, plus some minor changes.  But generally we are there and ready for the start of the new season.

Please let us know what you think.

All of this is down to one person our Webmaster Martin Ayers.  Martin has put in many hours of his own time into upgrading the website and loading up all the information, testing and training the admin team to use the new website.

I hope you will all agree he has made a great job of the upgrade and we now have one of the best websites around in local football.